Teresa Pepera, PT, Cert. MDT, Owner

Nov25th 2020

“I have been practicing the “Strategic Orthopedics Approach” to the evaluation and treatment of spinal symptoms for over five years.  I have been a physical therapist for 18 years and I am confident that it is the best conservative spine care system available.  I was very skeptical when I was first learning the system, but daily success stories have confirmed that with a thorough Strategic Orthopedics evaluation, the true nature of the injury can be identified.  Once this is accomplished, the system gives very specific and safe mechanisms to progress the client back to pre-injury function.  I have continuously amazed myself, my clients, and the doctors who refer them, by abolishing symptoms that have been chronic for as long as 25 years or more.  Strategic Orthopedics has given me a safe evaluation tool that allows me to confidently evaluate mechanical symptoms.  Prior to this course I was not as progressive or consistent and therefore did not achieve the results I do today.

In today’s competitive environment, results are more important than ever to our survival.  I have been in my own business for 15 years and have grown from servicing one 1,500 employee company to 3 other companies with over 6,000 employees.  All of our therapists and therapy assistants are trained in the Strategic Orthopedics System. I know that our growth is a direct result of our improved outcomes which began when our entire team starting consistently using the system’s evaluation and treatment methods.  Disability managers of one corporation talked to the managers of other corporations about the improved results they were seeing.  Soon we were invited to provide on-site services for Whirlpool Corporation and Owens Corning Fiberglas.  We were never asked to bid against other physical therapy providers.  In today’s highly competitive environment, Strategic Orthopedics has given me the cutting edge in the evaluation and treatment of spinal pain.

I am grateful to the system’s inventor, Angelo DiMaggio PT, for taking such a complicated problem and simplifying it into a safe, effective treatment approach that consistently produces symptom relief and a rapid return to function.  I believe that every client with spinal pain deserves to be seen by a therapist trained in the Strategic Orthopedics System”.