Michael Rinaldi, PT, OCS, Owner

Nov25th 2020

“As a private practice owner, I can testify that because of the know-how and understanding I gained in how to handle back and neck pain from the Strategic Orthopedic Spine seminars, my competence soared and my practice expanded nicely.  Some physicians began to see me as the “go-to-guy” for their tough cases and their VIP’s.  This is the seminar I pray my competition never attends!   Anyone who wants a better understanding on how to effectively handle back and neck pain, and have a systematic approach to gain control over them, needs to attend this course and use this system.  It eliminates the chaos and confusion that only back and neck pain can create for therapists.  It’s simply brilliant!  I may not have been lucky enough to have invented this system, but at least I’m smart enough to know a gift when I see one”!