Joseph Gianoni, MS, PT, OCS, ATC

Nov25th 2020

“During my 18 years as a physical therapist I have attended over 70 continuing education seminars, most all in orthopedics, and many pertaining to the spine.  I took the Strategic Orthopedics lumbar course 1 in April of 2001.  Since that time I have been using the system on all of my back patients.  I can state without hesitation that this system has made a significant change in the way I treat patients with back pain.  I have since taken the cervical/thoracic course 2 and found the same to be true with these patients.  The system is a meticulous approach to managing a complex and difficult set of orthopedic problems – neck and back pain.  By using this system, it has allowed me to objectively treat the most difficult cases, and succeed!

I have been collecting outcomes data on these patients and the vast majority of them (>70%) have either completely abolished their symptoms or have symptoms that are just a fraction of what they used to be.  These outcomes include patients who have suffered from back pain as little as a few days to years and even decades.  As a result of the success I have enjoyed with this system, I have experienced an increase in referrals from area physicians, “heart-felt” patient satisfaction surveys, and a professional sense of accomplishment at the end of the day like never before”.