Jill Wenzlick, PT

Nov25th 2020

“My success in treating spine patients has prompted several co-workers to attend the S.O. course series. Their response has been overwhelmingly positive and our consistency between therapists has markedly improved.  I can not express how important the Strategic Orthopedics System has been to my career as an outpatient PT.  Angelo DiMaggio PT, Dip MDT backs up his work with research to allow us to use evidence-based practices.  His organization and teaching abilities allow the entire audience to easily follow every detail of how to use this “system” correctly.  In the year between attending S.O. II ( Cerv./Thor.) and S.O. III (Migraine/TMJ), I was often producing headaches in lower cervical patients and could not figure out why.  Angelo taught me how to treat, what was later explained to be, an upper cervical problem.

Since attending S.O. III I have been so overwhelmingly successful in treating headache, migraine, and TMJ patients that our hospital has begun an aggressive marketing campaign to the general public, area physicians, and local news media sources.  I now look forward to physician referrals for headache and migraine patients”.