Jill M.

Sep28th 2020

This place actually changed my life. Angelo was awesome. Their pain management methods are unlike any others. They really are one in a million. I was taught how to maintain proper posture in everything that I do from sitting, standing, laying down, even brushing my teeth. Posture is everything!!! I had horrible horrible back pain, headaches, and jaw pain. I tried traditional physical therapy and it didn’t help. I was ready to just accept this was my life at only 20 years old. Then I found AHI and was taught how to better care for my spine. I still do my physical therapy exercises every day of my life as my spinal injury is serious. I’m absolutely blessed to have found this place because although I still have minor pain, it is NOWHERE NEAR the pain I used to go through and the exercises taught to me can always bring the pain down. I owe Angelo my life really. I suggest this place to anyone with any sort of headaches, jaw, back, neck pain. You name it, they can help it.