Ed Carmichael, PT, Owner

Nov25th 2020

“The Strategic Orthopedic Spine System is one of the few programs that allow a therapist to implement the method immediately upon returning from a weekend course.  The approach allows anyone trained in the system to review recent notes, observe current status, and progress the patient accordingly.  As opposed to so many other courses, there is a clear-cut treatment direction from start to finish that is guided by objective pain responses, rather than by questionable palpations or obscure measurements.
Patients respond well to the treatment because for the first time they receive thorough explanations, and, most importantly, results.  Physicians are happy to find a therapist who is a true expert in treating their most difficult patient population, low back and neck pain.  Payers will find the program cost-effective.  I highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to successfully treat spine patients”.