Category: Patient Testimonials

Julie P.

Sep28th 2020

I saw Scott Forfinski when I developed Vertigo. I went in feeling dizzy and nauseous. I have never experienced this before and was very concerned that it would last for days or weeks. Scott saw me immediately and preformed exercises with me that instantly made me feel better.

Katie Cu.

Sep28th 2020

So thankful to have been referred to AHI by my neurologist. I have dealt with headaches and migraines most of my life and have now been going to AHI for just over three months. Today, I am 100 days migraine free! I am down to only one low-grade headache a week.

Thomas G.

Sep28th 2020

I had daily tension headaches and migraines for 20 months straight, with no complete relief of symptoms. Before I came to American Headache Institute, I went to a couple different medical practices, but had no success.