Posture Correction

While performing a single pain-relieving exercise (PREP) starts the relief process, the pain-relieving positions we instruct maintain it. 
Our job is to meticulously find, and individually teach, pain-relieving positions for each patients’ head and neck when sitting, standing, walking, driving,  and sleeping.  Maintaining these positions (posture correction) throughout the day is the patient’s job.  Together, the regular PREP and newly discovered posture corrections bring significant relief that lasts throughout the day and night.

We have seen the “forward head” posture as the #1 cause of headache, TMJ, & facial pain caused by the neck.


Positioning the head back over the shoulders is the key to relief.





As many medical studies now report, sedentary positions in the workplace are a cause of pain.  The common head & neck posture in sedentary positions is the “forward head”.


Your head is like a bowling ball sitting on a pedestal.  When it is forward, the pressure in your lower neck is 300% greater!


Awkward positions strain pain sensitive tissues in both the upper & lower neck.

Children were proven to experience neck & head pain from prolonged sitting positions.

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