Pain Relieving Exercise Program (PREP)

One specific neck exercise designed to decrease or abolish symptoms when needed.  Over 200 PREP’s are available to relieve symptoms. Finding the one  “centralizing”  exercise for each patient is our job. Performing that exercise regularly to bring relief is the patient’s job.

We have abandoned the conventional neck care model and created a revolutionary approach to exercise and treatment of the cervical spine. It is scientifically based, and unlike any other.  World renown cervical spine authority Dr. Scott Haldeman, President of the Neck Task Force explains why.

The “classic model” of neck care which Dr. Haldeman refers to involves patients performing general neck exercises in a number of different directions of movement for the purpose of stretching and strengthening the neck. We do none of this, as advised. We have replaced a “general” neck exercise with a “specific” pain-relieving neck exercise. Our new paradigm uses only one exercise, in one “centralizing” direction, for the sole purpose of relieving symptoms.

Relief of symptoms with one “centralizing” exercise brings not only significant relief in most cases, but predictive and immediate relief.