Neuromuscular ReEducation

Trunk and neck muscles can and will be “retrained” to hold the head and neck in stress-relieving positions.  Our unique postural retraining will gently “reeducate” the neurologic memory of neck and trunk muscles to comfortably assume and maintain pain-relieving postures.  These newly learned postures can be maintained with all daily activities at work, home, or play.

american headache institute treatment

An important part of our neuromuscular retraining is teaching patients to track a number of important measurements throughout their day using our unique Daily Log Sheet . This documentation will help demonstrate the pain reduction and functional gains that are occurring due to our treatment, and assists with clinical progression.

Our unique approach to head & facial pain helps patients relieve pain and become physically functional to perform daily activities at work, home, and play.We can help fill your future with active, fun-filled, Pain-free memories. Request your appointment today.