Here at The AMERICAN HEADACHE INSTITUTE, we have dedicated our practice to helping those who suffer from severe, head, neck, and facial pain. Our treatment is a patient-centered self-treatment approach, that is evidence-based and successful where other approaches fail. We teach our patients to modify their daily activities to promote headache reduction. Patients are also shown specific exercises to reduce their symptoms. Our results speak for themselves and we have helped patients with headache histories ranging from 1 week to 50 years. We are the only practice in the state of Michigan to totally treat this type of pain.

Our Rochester Hills clinic is located at:

245 Barclay Circle
Suite 1000
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Treating Patients In Rochester Hills, MI

If you find that your pain is interfering with your daily function, The AMERICAN HEADACHE INSTITUTE could be an extremely effective solution for you. If you are ready to try something different to address your head and facial symptoms, please click the Book An Appointment button now. You can book an initial evaluation to start treatment, or an informative “Free Consult” to see what The AMERICAN HEADACHE INSTITUTE can do for you. Our Rochester Hills office address is listed below.

Treating Patients Outside Of Rochester Hills, MI Using Telehealth

If you are not close to Rochester Hills, MI, we can still help.  We now have the ability to perform free consultations, initial evaluation, or treatment sessions using telehealth video technology.  We have successfully treated patients from afar using this video format.  If you are wondering what AHI can do for your symptoms (even if you live far away), schedule a video consult, to discuss the specifics of your case and how we can help. 

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